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  1. bgeyer

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    Aug 13, 2012
    My run and coop are all in one. The frame for the run is 5 ft wide x 7ft length x 6 ft height. The coop is 3 ft wide x 3 feet height x 5 ft long. We have 2 nesting boxes.
    I have 3 silkies, 1 rhode island red, and 4 peeps that I haven't put in the main coop.
    Do you think I have enough room in my coop. One of the older silkies i think is a rooster, which I will have to find him another home because my neighbors wouldn't like me having one.
    I would like to get another non bantam chicken for my red to have a buddy. Is that to many chickens for my coop?
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    The general recommendation is 4 sq. ft of coop space and 10 sq. feet of run space per bird. So your run as is could comfortably contain 3 birds, maybe 4 since you have some bantams. At 9 sq. ft, your housing would work okay for 2-3 birds, unless you live in an area that stays pretty mild year round. Also, if you free range most of the day, you can get by with a little less run space.
    So no, I would DEFINITELY not recommend adding another bird. I would advice you to decrease your current flock by a few birds...

    ETA: Oops...just noticed that your housing is 3x5 = 15 4 LF. As mentioned before, if you don't really get winters, then more would do okay in the housing.
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    The "general rule" of space for a coop (the house itself) is minimum 4 square feet per large fowl bird, and half that for each bantam, with the run (the exercise yard, so to speak) a minimum of 10 square feet per large fowl chicken, again half that for each bantam chicken.

    So, your run is 5 x 7, which is 35 square feet, sufficient for 3.5 large fowl chicken. Your coop/house is 3 x 5, or 15 square feet, sufficient to house 4 large fowl chickens. (Yah, 4 per bird would be 16 square feet... but it's close enough.)

    It's important to understand this is minimum floor space; if you have feeders, waterers, and nest boxes on the floor, those items take away from available floor space.

    Many folks offer more space per bird and many crowd a few more birds into their coops and runs than would be considered if following the "general rule."

    I "stuff" quite a few birds into a transmogrified garage 17 x 20 feet, but there is no "run" as my flock ranges freely over my property (which is just over 2/3rds of an acre).

    I don't know if my post helps you at all, but you will find the "general rule" of space mentioned all over BYC and in other respectable source material.
  4. bgeyer

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    Aug 13, 2012
    The 4 chickens I have now seem happy in their coop and run. I think 1 is a rooster and I can't keep a rooster. I have 4 chicks that arent ready to be in the main coop. I let them roam my fenced in hillside when I am home.

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