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6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
This is my Lancaster Chicken coop that sits within a 16x20 pen with a gate that leads free-ranging. It has has nesting boxes, door that locks on the side, door and ramp for chickens to go down on the other side,section in back that opens up top, windows in front that open and close..with screens..roost inside so they stay off of the floor.72x54x74in. My questionis - iis this big enough for nine chickens?
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I would say so.... two square feet per bird.... Nice coop. But there are different opinions on this. some will say more some will say less. But I feel the coop is really a place to sleep and lay eggs. In mild climates.... if they have access to an outdoor run you are good to go.

Most importantly, will the birds ever be totally confined inside the coop?

We had an unusually harsh winter last season.

Snow and ice on the ground for weeks at a time.

Although access 24/7, my flock decided not to venture out, for weeks at a time...literally weeks!

Fortunately for me, they had enough room to stay cooped without incident (5 square feet per bird).

Very nice setup by the way!
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