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May 22, 2011
hey. i have a 8 by 8 chicken coop on our homestead right now. we free range all birds we have right now. we have 33 now (2 ducks, 31 chickens). this spring however we are gonna hatch us some hertage breed chickens, and hertage turkies. about half dozen turkeys to breed with hopefully. then will be selling my 15 older hens off to replace with the nice hertage breeds. then i want to add another muscovy too. my end goal is 25 chickens, 6 turkeys, and 3 ducks. what do you think?

It sounds rather crowded to me even if they just go in to sleep. I think perhaps an addition is in order.
Do you have many predators where you are at?
I am in the middle of town and get visits by coons and foxes regularly. I have even had an American Kestral land on my power feed to the house.
Remember that turkeys are rather large and will need ample sleeping space.
Do you think you could make separate housing for the turkeys and ducks? So that you would have three coops in all?? And maybe add on to the chicken coop, but that is just me. and

I can't remember how much space you are suppose to have per bird but, that sounds really crowded. I have 12 chickens that stay in a 12 by 12 space right now and I really feel they are to crowded. I husband is going to be building me an additional coop.
I think a separate coop for your ducks and your turkeys sounds like a great idea. I think if I were you I would look up how much space you are suppose to have per chicken, Turkey and duck in their coops. That way you will know how big of additions you need. My hubby is about to build me a chicken coop that is 8 foot by 16 foot and we are going to separate it into 3 different sections. So I an put 3 different kinds in there. I will just be for sleeping in. I also have a coop that is about 12 foot by 20 that has three sections one has the brooder in it. We have 28 chickens total, I hope that is gonna be enough space. I need to look up how much space they need too. Oh yeh, whether you have bantams or LF also makes a big difference on how much space you need.

Good luck
yeah it is a little crowded. i suppose. we cant add on or build now. but we are gonna re work the roosts to make them more accomadating (for the turkeys) and hopefully add more nests as well. but they do free range all time. they just sleep in there, and water in the winter. but in summertime we usually put the range feeder out and the tub goes outside too. the ducks are muscovies, so they roost.

we do have predators, but this coop is fort knox'ed and we have a guard dog stationed in their area.
I think you're going to end up with a situation like you would have inviting every living relative you have to come stay with you. You will be so cramped you all will be fighting in a day or two, it you don't already you will be then. Consider the space available before you get the birds. For their well being.
i just wanted some opinions on the matter. but i have 33 now and they get along fine. a few more won't hurt. they arent mean or bare backed either, and are laying good for the wintertime (13/30) without light or heat. plus theyre healthy
Your totals are staying about the same over all - but with the turkeys being bigger in size you may find it a little more cramped. You could certainly try it out - sounds like a great mixed flock. If it seems like there is too much fighthing then you could separate out the turkeys and ducks from the chickens - but really if they all get along and there isn't a problem with too much moisture - I say keep them all together.

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