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10 Years
Mar 10, 2012
Greenville Pa.
I want to build a coop with a 10' x 10' dog kennel. I want to build a roosting box on the out side of this 8' long but only 2' wide and 4' high. I will put a roost 12" off floor. floor is 2' off of ground. roost will run 8' long ways. I want to keep dual purpose birds in this to 12 weeks of age. Not for eggs. Will this work? Is there enough room? Dont have much space to work with. Thanks.
The way I understand this is that you will use the dog kennel and your roosting box as a place for the chicks that they can acess all the time. You will not leave them locked in the 2' x 8' roosting box but they will have access to the 10' x 10' at all times. That should work for you.

My only question is protection from the weather. They may need shade especially, rain protection maybe but probably not much. But space wise, you should be fine.
The run will be the 10x10 kennel with a nesting box. Chickens will have free roam at all times. I will cover top with chicken wire and floor of run with goat fence. I will have to make 1/3 of run under roof. Was not sure if nestting box? size was ok. Thank You.
I bungeed a shade cloth over my kennel/run. It keeps the flying predators out and blocks 63% of the sunlight out. Feels pretty comfy on a hot day. The rain tends to infiltrate in as much quantity too. A driving rain feels like a drizzle under it, but lookout for where the water collects enough and drains through in random spots. Can't say that's bad, since it's draining quality keeps it from sagging from retaining water.
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