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    Feb 2, 2009
    my husband decided that he's going to make a rectangular coop attached to a rectangular run. Im starting out with 2 hens (always the possibility of adding more) so what dimensions would be suitable for the coop while having 2 besting areas/boxes and a perch? how about the run dimensions?
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    First, welcome to BYC [​IMG]

    If you think there is *any* possibility of adding more, I'd either build just a (very strong predatorproof) tractor for now, or a large enough coop to house more chickens than it currently seems likely that you'll have. Otherwise I can almost guarantee you'll run out of room [​IMG]

    People on this board mostly give their hens 4 sq ft (that's 2'x2', or the equivalent) per chicken indoors, plus 6-10 sq ft per chicken of outdoor run.

    OTOH more is definitely better, especially if you are in a climate where there may be long stretches of weather when they just don't want to be outside.

    (I go 15 sq ft per chicken indoors plus run, and they really DO seem happier and mroe relaxed and more 'natural' that way than in smaller quarters, IME)

    You'll only need one nestbox per 3-4 hens, though [​IMG] and a foot, or not quite, of roost space per hen.

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