Coops at Costco


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Aug 31, 2007
Westwood MA, South of Boston
Well, not coops exactly, but they do sell shed kits on their web site that a clever person could adapt. Some are wood, some are resin.*50888*49273*49275*&topnav=

We just got the 8x13 vinyl shed from Lowe's and it was less than their 8x10. It the Hill crest model and I can't wait to get it up... the down side is it is raining and it has already taken me the better part of a day and the ground still isn't level underneath it. Ugh!!
I bought a $400 shed package.

It needed floor ($200).
It needed windows ($100).
It needed shingles ($100).
It needed siding ($200)
I needed a few other things, as well as a few coop necessities ($200).

Anyway, it ended up somewhere around $1200 by the time I was done. I still feel pretty stupid about the whole thing, but it's a pretty nice coop.
For those who are interested, at Lowe's, they are discontinueing their Hillcrest 8x13 so it is on clearance until they are all gone. Mine was marked down 400 dollars and it comes with floor and roof and everything. It probably does need something under it, but that is minimal. Their new model is 8x10 and cost more than the original price of the 8x13... go figure.
There is a cute wood playhouse available at our local Costco. I can't find it online, so apparently it needs to be purchased at the store. $299, sturdy wood, with a little front porch. It has no floor. I can't remember the exact dimensions, but it's approximately 7' in height, with about a 5'x5' or 6' interior.

Yikes their prices are high. I found an 8 x 12, wood, with double doors last weekend for $829 at Sutherland. Now if I just had $829.

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