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I hope I can ask 2 questions instead of 1, so here goes. I am going to build a coop and the size will be 10x12. Is that too big for about 15 chickens?
and the next one is; I'm thinking about putting ventilation holes toward the roofline. What happens in the winter?
You can ask all the questions you like! That's what this site is for!

Yes 10x12 is plenty big enough for 15 chickens.

If you put your vent holes up high, under the roof overhang and away from the prevailing weather, you should be fine.

Oh, and
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There are lots and lots of pics of coops on here, and ventilation is an important consideration so you will often see close-ups of how the ventilation was done. Often the area between the roof and walls, along the rafters, is left open air, maybe covered with hardware cloth for predator protection.

My coop has aa roof that slants to one side onlly. All 4 sides, where the squared off wall did not meet the roof, remain open to the air. Every situation is different, but a general rule to plan from is 1 sq ft of ventilation for each chicken. If you keep the ventilation up high, the air will exchange there, go both in and out, and it normally won't form a draft on the chickens.

You will love having a coop that size, plenty of room for supplies, to move around for chores, and for the chickens when the weather is so bad they want to stay in. I have a lawn chair in my coop and spend time in it most every day. You may want to pen off a small area for a broody to hatch and raise her chicks one day, too; I love mine.

Of course, it also offers room for more chickens.
1. There's no such thing as a "too big" coop, only a too cramped one. Chickens will use the maximum amount of space you give them, primarily in fowl weather.
2. You will still want ventilation in winter. If you have issues with icy wind, you can always temporarily tack a row of loose weave cloth or something over the openings just for the coldest months.
Here is my main ventilation is on the front wall and is 1'x8'. I have it covered with hardware cloth so critters can't get in. Many breeds of chickens can take cold weather very well as long as they don't have drafts blowing directly on them. I did cover that vent up some with plastic when the temps dropped in the single digits and to keep blowing snow out. I have more ventilation around the ceiling but it is only 4" and I have 2 windows for the summer.


Just research chicken breeds and find one or more that are cold hardy and you will be in business!
I forgot to say that the coop wasn't finished when I took these pics and I forgot to include one with my run, so here it is...
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