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    Mar 8, 2014
    hi everyone, I started treating my chickens with corid Monday. they had a lot of blood in their poop and they were very lethargic. I lost one, but the rest have rebounded well. it has now been 5 days, one chicken still had a tiny amount of blood in their poop, but is acting almost back to normal. I do not see any worms in their poop.
    I was thinking about giving corid for more days (total of 7). do you think that is too much? I want to make sure the cocidosis (I know I spelled that one wrong :) )is gone.
    after that I figured I would give apple cider vinegar for a day or 2. I have also read about B vitamins. does anyone out there recommend that. if so, are their any veggies I can give them to provide them with the B vitamins?
    I was also thinking I would give the follow up dose, I have read between 1-2 weeks after completion of the first dose. does anyone know if it is 1 or 2 weeks or if it matters? would you recommend the preventative dose or the outbreak dose (5 ml per gal)?

    thank you for your time.
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    Go ahead and give the corid for no more than 7 days. Then if you're still seeing blood get her on sulfadimethoxine or sulmet, dont repeat corid usage. Dont give ACV and vitamin B. Give her buttermilk and scrambled egg mixed in her feed for a couple of days.

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