Corn craked or whole?


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Hello all!! I'm new here but I've been checking things out for a little while. This is my very first post! I have 7 little guys that I hatched from some eggs that I found at a friends house. I'm not sure what kind they are they look like a mix of a couple of different kinds. My question is should I be feeding them corn whole or cracked for a treat? They seem to like it either way. Any help would be great and as soon as I figure out how to make my pictures smaller I'll post some. It said the image size was too big? What ever that means!

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we give our birds both.
The cracked corn is mixed with there feed. I throw whole corn out for them in the yard while they are free ranging.
Once in a while I pick up the bags of dried corn on the cob (like the stuff for squirrels). I throw the cobs out to them and they go wild over them. Have them gobbled right up.

I think if your birds like both you can give them both.
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I was reading in my call duck book that even the tiny bantam old english and call ducks can eat whole corn. It is supposed to be more nutritious. I guess when the corn is cracked, some of the nutrition goes away. Im still scared to give my bantams whole. lol. Im scared they will choke. When they get older I would give them whole.


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Whole corn is better for them since as soon as it's cracked it starts losing it's nutrients. I can't remember where I read it, but it was an amazingly short time period that it lost a lot of it's value. My call ducks eat it with no problem.
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