Corn screenings for broilers??

8 Years
Sep 22, 2011
i feed all of my birds and goats really good corn screenings and they do really good on them. Goats are nice and healthy and chickens lay a lot of eggs. My question is will broiler chickens do well with screenings?
I do not know.
May I ask:
What are corn screenings?
Do you also feed a complete feed or is it just these screenings you feed?
It’s all the fines and cracked corn that goes through the screener at the elevator. I get them free so that’s what I feed. They have some beans and wheat in them but mainly corn
Thank you.
I personal do not think this is a good idea, to feed just this.
Hopefully someone will come along and be able to give you better advice.
I work in a flour mill and we have a screenings system that cleans our wheat. Has the same stuff in it your talking about except our corn is mostly whole not cracked. But there’s beans, sunflower, wheat, oats and some other stuff like that in it. I’ve been feeding it to my birds for years now with no problems. They love the variety of stuff in it. But I don’t think it should be fed as their only source of feed. It’s enough to keep them alive but I don’t think it’s enough to keep them in top shape for laying or growing broilers. The protein levels are probably not high enough for broilers especially. If you mixed it 50/50 with regular broiler feed you would probably be just fine and it would cut your feed bill in half. I mix straight wheat with my layer crumble around a 50/50 mix to help cut down on feed costs for my layers. And then I give them a few big scoops of the screenings each day as their “treat”. Hope this helps.

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