Cornish cross chicks arriving next week


Dec 21, 2018
Cochise county Arizona
Okay, the 8 week final breakdown and comments below.
meat chickens november 2019 w8.jpg

Okay the mass breakdown.

400 pounds of feed fed at a cost of 360$
19 birds lived to harvest day
129.98 pounds of meat placed in freezer 2.77$ per pound

Avg weight is 6.7 pounds.
Largest is 8 pounds
Smallest was 4.5 pounds (This one was in trouble when I butchered it early)

During butchering I noticed 3 cases of Pericarditis (Fluid in sac around heart)
I averaged 20 minutes per bird, which I only was able to do by using a drill plucker, so not bad.

All organs looked healthy, Though I noticed a couple of birds with double livers, (2 sets)

Would I order again?

It is clear to me, at my elevation that the standard broiler, even the Welp hatchery breed, is not suited for me. I do not like 22% in loses of healthy birds. And the issues only popped up after week 6 and into week 7.

Unlike the suggested feeding schedule of 12 hours on 12 hours off, I only allowed the birds to eat for 8 hours after week 3. up to that point they were allowed 12 hours of feed.

Regular non organic poultry around here goes for 3.99 a pound, unless you find it on sale, so on that scale, it was worth it. Plus it was raised organic.

First week of May I have the new Delaware Enhanced broilers coming in and I am hoping that as a dual purpose and sustainable flock I won't have to resort to rapid broilers again in the future.
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