Cornish Cross Chicks -finally here!- UPDATE W/ PHOTOS


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Jun 8, 2009
Sodus, Michigan
I picked up my meaties from the Red & White on the way home from work today... they were so cold and peeping so loudly. I put them in the pre-warmed brooder (half cardboard box, half plastic tote) and they immediately grouped together under the lamp.

Once warmed, they began browsing and I made sure that each found the water supply. A couple started pecking at the food, but they've got plenty of yolk left that I doubt they'll eat much for a couple days.

Two of the ten chicks is a bit darker in color, more of an orange than a yellow. Can you see the difference in this photo?

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How many did you get? We had 4, but they went to freezer camp already. DH liked them so much we got 21 more last week.
edited because I didn't see your siggy.... Never mind, i see you have 10.
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My younger brothers went through my recipe magazines last night to find suitable "wallpaper" for the inside of the brooder:



Maybe it will inspire them?
They all made it through the night perfectly fine... I was a bit worried this being my first batch of cornish. I've heard some pretty horrific stories. Anyway, I checked on them bright and early and they were running around eating drinking and pooping like regular chickens and they didn't even have any pasty butts!

There is one chick that's smaller than the rest, and when the others will eat drink and then go to sleep, he is eating drinking and running on their heads. I haven't witnessed this little one sleeping yet. I almost wonder if he's not a white rock with all that energy. Or maybe it's just her size... once she gets some meat growing, she'll calm down maybe?

Oh, and I keep forgetting...

Yes, the "Red & White Grocery and Feed" is what it is called. They order chicks for me anytime I want and even though they have to order by 25s they give the option of taking however many you want. Then they hold the rest in the back room until someone wants them. This time though they had interest in the other chicks so someone else already purchased the other 15 when I picked up my 10. They never have to hold on to them very long.

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