Cornish Rocks Dying with no identifying symptoms

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have Cornish Rock females from the same hatchery I always purchase from. They are about 7 wks old. Believe it or not, no losses with the exception of a few that squeezed through the poultry netting and were picked off by a fox. Given clean fresh water bid and fed 20 percent chick feed from Tractor Supply. THey were vaccinated for Marek's at the hatchery. Droppings are normal. They are fenced in an area of planted pines close to the barn. All of my other birds (various egg layers, turkeys, and a few chicks from broody hens) are free to roam our 90 acre property, although they stay close to our house and barn and roam the pine trees, grassy areas and roost in the barn, live oaks or pines at night. Some do use the our chicken tractors to roost, but are free to go where they'd like to. All of my birds are healthy with no losses with the exception of the cornish rock crosses.

    In the past 6 days I have lost 7 birds. They will not run up to me when I bring out food or water and within 6 hours, that bird is dead. I have not treated, as I cannot diagnose what the problem is. I did add Quick Chick (vitamins and minerals) to the water this a.m. I had one who looked a little lazy this a.m. and fear what I will find when I get home. The birds do not appear sick, they just get lathargic and then die. Temp feels normal in comparison and weight is the same as the healthy birds. Feathers look good, etc. We live in the midlands of SC and our summer temps have been 95 plus most of the summer although the last week has been a little more mild, which most of my birds love.

    Any ideas or suggestions? I'm heading to the feed store shortly, so if there is something I should pick up, please let me know. e-mail is [email protected], but I will check here too.

    Thank you in advance for any advice. I tried our local extension office, but have not heard back yet. Will try again in the a.m., if necessary.

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    Are they getting botulism from something?

    Did they maybe not get the vaccine? Or were exposed to your chickens right away?
    Or maybe it's just a bad batch of chicks?

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