Coronation and Split Coro Sussex Breeding FLOCK for sale<<NEW PRICE!>>


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
New Castle, Indiana
Up for sale is my entire Breeding Flock of Coronation Sussex. My split hen's came from "revolutionmama" and my two Coronation roosters came from Justin of Blue Poultry. These 5 breeders have really gave me some great looking offspring, i sold them locally and to family members for a little while but i have just gotten really deep into silkies now and i just need the extra room in the barn. I really hate to see them go because i put so much hard work into them but it's time to move on to my other silkie passion.They are proven breeders, and of the last dozen eggs i have cracked to check for fertility, 10 of 12 were fertile. Since my roos are from another breeder than my hen's, it is safe to say they are as un-related as you can get for the newly introduced Coronation sussex to the states. I purposely did this so that i could breed the biggest, healthiest, robust offspring i could. Here are a few pictures of my operation and success.

Price: Letting the whole group go for $300 firm <---------Local pickup only, but im willing to drive a little to meet possibly.


Roo 1


roo 2


Hens 2 and 3


Hens 2 and 3 again

Hen 1 is in my display picture.





Pick up only on these guys please. I would have no problem driving to meet someone so long as its not too far away. Thanks for looking
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