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Can anyone tell me what the correct amount of protein is for layers? Also, I have 8 birds. 3 are 1 year old and laying, 2 are 16 weeks old and not yet laying, and 3 are 11 weeks old. Is there a feed that I can feed all of them and just supplement the layers with oyster shells? I don't want the big ones to get too much protein (will it hurt them?) or the little ones to get too little protein.


These links give pretty good information on feeding chickens. The Oregon State site is specifically for laying flocks. As you can see, it is recommended that both grower and layer be around 16%, although the younger chicks can do quite well on 14% protein. I think your best bet is to fed them grower with oyster shell on the side.

The problem with feeding growing chicks that you want to develop into good layers a high powered feed is that their internal organs need to grow and develop to a certain stage before they start laying. If you feed them too much protein, they grow faster than is healthy. If they start laying too early, they can be seriously injured or damaged for life. The problem with feeding grown chickens too high powered a feed is that they can develop fatty liver syndrome. This is where they build up very thick layers of fat on their internal organs and in the vent area. The fat in the vent area can cause them to prolapse of become egg bound and the fat on their internal organs can kill them.

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