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    May 26, 2009
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    just in case any of you have the same problem i had with a chick having splayed leg , i found him stuck in shell , one leg out on both sides, he never was able to stand , the bandaid thing just has never worked for me, but i trid it anyway, three days later he still couldnt stand the bandaid wouldnt stay on, i was desperate to save this chick , i thought he would have to be put down , i tried one last thing with vet wrap cut two little holes close togethe wrapped the wrap around his little body ,snipped the wrap from around his little bottom and he is standing, even running by afternoon in case no one has done this before , i was so happy, four days later took it off now he is fine. pictures taken first day it was put on
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    Glad he is doing good. I had a chick (same deal) but he didn't make it.

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