Corrugated plastic


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Jan 30, 2011
Tulsa, Ok
So when we built our new coop I was going to put linoleum on the floor but at lowes I picked up a box and realized how heavy it was. Our coop is 8x4 feet and portable. (with an 8x12 run) We needed it to be light. Well I remembered the research I did when making my rabbit cages. The corrugated plastic is very durable and very washable. It is also cheap. About $10 for a 4x8 sheet. Also would be pretty easy to install and replace if it got old.

Soooooo. I installed it in the coop floor and it has worked great. I am thinking about putting it on the walls and the nest box floors. I highly recommend this for raised coops especially if it is to be moved!
You can also just paint the floor with a couple of coats of semi-gloss latex paint.
I used oil based porch paint over my floor, which is chip board. No issues at all and 3 years old now. It's the strongest wearing paint you can get.
Neat idea. I've only seen it used for inexpensive sign board. Did you have to lay this direct on plywood or lay it on the joists like plywood? Can you get different thicknesses or do you have to glue it together? Is it strong enough to walk on?
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I layed it over the plywood, it is definitely not strong enough to walk on. It is for floor covering, but it is a lot lighter than the linoleum.
Thanks for the info, sounds good - did you buy the 4x8 sheet at Lowe's?
I was looking at the same material, but in much smaller "signage" size.
I hope to find it for our walls
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I bought it from a place here in town that sells it fir signs. I was looking at rabbit cages and one of the sites had links to find it local. Ir was few years ago So I am not sure where but you can google "rabbit cage corrugated plastic."
Funny that you posted this, I was just thinking about this stuff today. I have some cake boards that are just rectangles of this stuff and I was thinking it would be great for covering poop boards!!

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