corturnix quails


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Sep 29, 2010
I have corturnix quails for laying, now they are more than 2 months old, and approximately give one egg a day.

I want to know why is the egg rate so low.

Are you in the northern hemisphere, and are they outdoors? Quail won't lay as much in winter.
It could also be what they're eating. They need high protein game bird food with a 25-30% minimum protein content and ground oyster shells or calcium grit to successfully lay eggs. If you're already feeding them the proper diet than it's just the light issue.

If you provide them with a light that gives them 14 hours of light per day they'll probably start laying more.
almost 20 are female, i am giving them feed of 8 no that comes in market for layer breeder, i am based in pakistan. i am also giving more than 14 hours of light. May be they have gone fatter? They are outside in cage may be night temperature drops that is causing?
Got pictures? Generally the males have a rusty colored chest is most breeds of coturnix and the females a polkadotted or checkered looking chest. The males make a loud computer generated sounding mating call. Females are usually bigger than males also.
yes last night i confirmed about females by vent sexing, is it temperature that is required high enough all the time? i guess i read somewhere today that after giving light expect any result after 2 weeks and its not been 2 weeks after giving light to my quails.

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