Cost effective alternatives to rabbit pellets.

Apr 16, 2018
Right now I am feeding my rabbits MannaPro 18%, mixed Grass hay, and black oil sunflower seeds. This last spring and summer I fed lots of cut and carry grass and weeds as well. I also keep them supplied with willow and crabapple sticks.

I am planning on building a fodder growing system in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering what people have been having luck with in their fodder systems?

I was also wondering what some other feed alternatives to pellets other people are using? What do y'all feel are the pros and cons of various pellet alternatives?

I'm also planning for my spring garden, and was wondering what some of the best things to grow in a 10x20 garden for rabbit (and chicken) feed?


Chicken math has me!
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I'm not raising rabbit's but I think that you could look at the list of ingredients on both the rabbit pellets and your chicken feed. Then, make a list of what are ingredients that appear in both types of feed, and then maybe grow those?

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