Cost of incubators going up? (and some general discussion)

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    Apr 27, 2012
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    I have the Brinsea eco(small round one). I paid $69 for it last year(maybe is was the summer before). I was getting ready to buy another. I have bought other and larger ones since then and they are in a closet and no where near as reliable for me. I decided I would leave them there and just get another Brinsea basic. I was looking weeks ago, and I don't seem to remember the prices being what they are now. It seems they have have gone up by $20 on everything they sell(not just Brinsea, but every incubator and some percent on other supplies also). The eco is $89. now. It wouldn't be out of the questions(supply and demand and all), but I guess I just expected them to be less obvious with it. Have they been this high for a while and I have just been missing it?
    Where do you guys buy incubators? Online? Local store? Tractor supply or chain? Make your own?
    Have you noticed a sharp increase in "chicken people" and the products available in the last couple of years? It seems like it is the latest fad. I'm 42, and I don't remember it ever being as big a "thing" to be a "chicken person" until the last couple of years. Do you think it will pass? I know some will be lifers after the experience.

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