Cotton Patch Geese in the ABLC newsletter

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    Oct 24, 2009
    For anyone who is an American Livestock Breed Conservatory member - they have an article on Flip Flop ranch, Cotton Patch Geese, and 'goose-assisted therapy' in this month's print newsletter. Good stuff, cool pics.

    I'll post a link when/if they put the article on-line.


    The Cotton Patch in particular was picked for its asset when doing therapy with domestic violence victims and perpetrators...I also find there is a powerful message sent to these clients when they realize the goose they are caring for is on the brink of extinction. They easily make the connection between the danger in their own life and the danger the goose is in. They become much more motivated to take care of the animals and want to become part of the business of raising and selling them to keep the breed going. The idea of becoming part of something bigger than themselves gives them hope for their own future.

    Great article, really heart warming.

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