coturnix and chicken together?


9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
mid michigan
i was wondering if anyone has every raised the two together?
do you think it would work.
it juts sounded like a neat idea, but they might be able to escape my run.
i wound make roosts and next boxes up higher in the coop where the checkens couldnt get to, but how big is a quail nest box?
Quail will lay eggs everywhere, not just in the next box. It's just their nature since they're ground dwellers. I have 2 bantam OEGB hens that live with my Coturnix. They do fine together, but bigger chickens may pick at and kill the quail. It's more likely to work if you raise them together from chicks.

ETA: The quail won't use a roost or next box of the ground...they stay down low.
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NO-quail are fragile and chickens will peck them. Plus chickens have diseases that will kill quail. just keep them seprate, you'll have better luck with them.
I really wouldent,the chickens will peck the quail to death and if they dont do that the quail will get some form of disease,chickens are very dirty little creatures to quail
Do a byc search for "WHY WE DONT KEEP CHICKENS AND QUAIL TOGATHER" -- find and read the string, and all will be explained complete with pix!
Not recommended... quail are very susceptible to the diseases that chickens carry. Plus, chickens love quail eggs.
I had a little bob white that was hatched in my son's science class last year and when he was born he was born with spraddle and badly damaged legs. Well it was over a week long break and so since I had fixed chicks with this problem before with great success we splinted the cute little guys legs. Well come a week or two later the little guy is all better and up and moving around and getting big. Well he was kind of a runt compared to everybody else and he had completely bonded with my daughter to the point that he would follow her around so we kept him. I had nowhere to put him so I put him outside with our chickens and actually finished raising him with some baby chicks that we hatched. Not one of those chickens messed with him and pretty much ignored him. A year later we still had "chirpy" and he would occassionally fly over the fence and forage around but always came back every night to sleep with the chickens in their coop (believe it or not he actually slept up high alot of the time with them). Well my chicken run flooded about a month or so ago and needless to say "chirpy" and one of my favorite hens "sandy" did not get off the ground soon enough and well sadly enough I found them a couple of days later when the ground had dried out. My daughter misses her quail and wants me to hatch some more but the only place we have for them is with the chickens. So here I see that you say not to put them with the chickens. What if I put them in a seperate fenced area inside the fenced chicken run area would that work? I love the little button quail but I would have no place to keep them inside my house because my newest feline member of the household would probably not tolerate birds the way my old man feline does (we have actually let chicks walk all over him and he just sits there). I was thinking of the coturnix (spelling is probably wrong). Thanks for any help.

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