Coturnix reproductive lifespan question

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    Mar 29, 2014
    hello all,
    I am new to keeping quail and was curious of both:

    What is the average while lifespan of coturnix quail?

    What is the average reproductive lifespan of coturnix quail? I have heard that production is affected by many things, one being their molting process. When do these birds typically hit their first molt? How significantly is egg production affected after the first molt vs the second?

    Thanks you
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    They dont live long enough to think in terms of multiple seasons. The average lifespan is 1.5-2.5 years depending on whether or not you force production with lighting. They will molt first at 8 weeks and wont molt again until the season changes to winter. Usually the seasonal molt is on sept-dec. depending on where you live. Production will cease during the molt but as with all poultry will return to normal after it is complete, providing there are enough light hours in the day. If not, adding full spectrum lighting will restore production.

    Most serious breeders rotate breeding stock every year so we only hatch the best quality offspring each bird will produce.

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