Coturnix still Hatching on day 23 can't belive it


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
On February 9 I set some coturnix eggs and some Mexican specle bobs

I decided to trow away the coturnix on monday but decided to do the water test

4 eggs were still moving

I put them back in the bator with the bobs
1 hatched on monday this one I dont think its going to make it he is not able to stand on his legs
1 yesterday this one is healthy
1 just now this one was a very big egg like a double yolk kind , looks healthy

1 bob also hatched
4 are pecking

but just can't belive coturnix still hatchig
I've had that almost happen. The longest hatch I've had with coturnix was 5 days with eggs set at the same time. The first hatched on day 18, the last on day 22. Never had it happen before or after, but it was interesting! I had to brood the youngest and oldest separate, even though they were from the same hatch.
Because the oldest chicks were almost a week older than the youngest chicks and about twice as big. They would have picked the youngest ones to death. I believe I eventually was able to put them all together but the first week or so I kept them separate.
I've had to keep chicks apart even when they were a day or two different in age because of that. Eventually I put them together, but I had to wait until they were able to fend for themselves better.
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