Coturnix VS. Bobwhite Quail - Which Works For Me?

Which do you think would work out best?

  • Bobwhite

  • Coturnix

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Nov 9, 2020
Northwestern MT, US
I’m very new to quail, don’t have any yet and I plan to get some in a few years as I live with my parents, which also gives me quite a bit of time to research. I will be getting other species once I move out as well, including peafowl, ducks, and pheasants.
I’m just stuck on the fence between Coturnix and Bobwhite quail, I’m leaning toward Bobwhite because I like their voices and their behaviors, but I plan to have both eventually, but for the first few years I will go one or the other. I also am interested in other species recommendations.
I was thinking if I posted a little bit of how I like my pets and daily life that it might help a bit? I also like hearing about your personal preferences on species and your experiences with those species.
Here’s a list that I think is relevant enough

I am fine with a skittish animal, I honestly kind of like the challenge of getting a bird to trust me.
I’m trying to become a zoologist with specialization in ornithology and genetics and a taxidermist, so maybe whichever species is less studied or taxidermied.
I like more gamey tasting meat.
I’m fine with building a large aviary.
I like smaller flock sizes for pets/ornamental birds (6-20) and medium flock sizes for meat birds (40-50).
I’m lower-class in terms of wage.
I prefer to sit and watch pets rather than constantly handle them.
Bobwhite quail are legal in my state as far as I know, California and Gambel’s quail are illegal.
I have experience with other bird species, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and I have taken care of softbills and doves.
They would probably have an aviary in the house, with an exit to an aviary outside that they can go in and out of as they please.
I would have two separate flocks, one for meat, one for pets.
Overall, I don’t care about temperament.
I’m fine spending time with meat birds so they don’t get stressed when I have to dispatch them.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays.
Bobwhites sound better for you because more wild, gamey tasting, I believe would be harder to tame. Personally I think they are cooler because they are a more wild breed. I have never seen a coturnix quail in the wild Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣
They are way prettier.....

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