Coturnix vs Serama bantum


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Mar 18, 2009
Just wondering if anybody here can compare coturnix quail vs seramas - if there is a general serama chicken. I just saw some seramas and a few were about the size of my quail. In fact, some were even smaller. Specifically, i wonder how they compare in egg number and size, noise, and space requirements. thanks again.
I'll be watching this. As an urban poultry owner I've got quail, who are very very quiet...but I'd like some actual chickens too. Seramas are definately on my list. I'm interested in how they compare, but I realize that Silkies and Seramas are more ornamental than functional. Still very interested though.
My Seramas don't make that much noise. My roo crows in the morning but that's it and it's not very loud at all. My neighbors didn't even know I had chickens until my DH told them. My Silkie roo is a different story, he's definitely louder and crows more often.
So the hens don't make much noise then? Some standard hens make considerable noise, especially before egg laying, and I am in an urban area.
I don't have seramas, but I do have some tiny OEGB hens. They do the back back baGAWK when they lay an egg, but they are so tiny that it is cute
It's more of a beGECK than a baGAWK, but they are so little they can't make much of a noise!
I have both, each bird has pluses and minuses, male Quail do sing and are very loud when they do, Serama are not as flighty as quail, both eggs can be eaten of course. Serama do live longer. If you want a 'pet' then Serama would be the best.
All My Serama Roos Crow, But Not Constantly. And When They Do It Sounds Rather Like Someone Huffing Helium And Crowing Into An Old 16oz Glass Coke Bottle. Serams Produce No Where Near As Many Eggs As Coturnix, But The Ones They Do Produce Are Usually At Least Twice The Size Of Quail Eggs... Hens Will Give A Laying Cackle, But Again The Helium And Coke Bottle Thing??? Seramas Have A Pet Personality And Do Well Living In A Tuna Can--- They Really Dont Need Much Space At All. The Serama Like Most Birds Grow And Mature Way Slower Than Coturnix... And The Size Ranges On The Serama Can Go Anywhere From Button Quail Sized To Nearly That Of A Jersey Giant--- Its A Pretty Wild Spectrum On Their Sizes.....

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