Cough is better, but now chicken is thin and lethargic even though she’s eating and drinking.


Jul 8, 2020
Just finished second round of antibiotics for a bad cough. cough seems better but she has slowed down a ton so I can just pick her up, and she eats but has gotten rail thin. I brought her inside the house and she’s in a dog carrier with a towel and some nutridrench and electrolytes with water and some soaked sweet bread. She has been eating so I really can’t understand the extensive weight loss especially since the cough improved. Her breast bone is so prominent and she’s barely walking but her eyes are bright. Any possibility to save her and what are your theories for what happened? Of course she’s my favorite chicken. She’s not even laying yet, only 6 months old Cochin. I used a few drops of ivermectin on her neck last week when I also saw a few mites but it was a mild case. I gave her some safeguard today in case it’s worms but poop looks normal. Cry. :(


May 30, 2020
It’s possible that the disease your birds may have may be incurable and chronic from the sounds of it. Most of the time, birds don’t eat or drink that much when they’re not feeling well, which then can cause weight loss.

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