Coughing and snouty birds


12 Years
Sep 8, 2007
For about 2 weeks our birds have been coughing and a few sneezing and now they have snouty noses. I have lost 2. I am unsure what to do. I am very experienced with dairy goats but am clueless when it comes to chickens. We have cleaned the coop, changed the water, and cleaned the feeders. Goats are prone to pneumonia in this type of heat so I wondered if chickens would be also. Would Aureomycin crumbles be OK or should I try something else. I would read all the posts but I have 7 kids and I am a homeschooling mom and it is just faster to ask and get a quick answer. Thanks for your time and knowledge. Oh if is matters most of the birds are under a year and the Ameracaunas seem to be the worst affected, only one of the Wyandottes seems to be ill. Both birds I lost were 6 months old Americaunas.
Could be upper respiratory infection from bacteria or fungus. The high heat and humidity is good for growing fungi. What kind of pen/coop do you have them in? Flooring? How is their poop? Do they make noises when they breath? I don't know if you want to great for bacterial first and see if that helps... I don't know what's best, but someone will. If you can't wait then use the search button in the upper right corner and type in specifically dosing instructions for upper respiratory infections and its usually the first one or two threads that pops up. Hope you find your answer.
I'm new here, but have been lurking every night for quite a while. We are treating eight silkies that were sick with the same symptoms. I rescued them from a bad home. One of the babies was sneezing when I brought it home, but had no other symptoms. I watched her for two weeks and last Friday she sounded congested in her chest. I researched BYC and decided to go with Tylan 50. I give the babies 1/4 cc and the mommie 1/2 cc once a day. I started Sunday afternoon and two of the babies that day were very bad. One of them could hardly breathe. I kept these two and the mommie inside for the night in a cage and made sure they were eating and drinking. These were the three sickest ones. Monday morning the little one that was close to death was breathing very easy and the little runt was up and moving around. By tonight the one that was so sick just sneezes every great once in a while. I am going to treat until the sneeze is gone and three days past that. I bought the Tylan 50 at Tractor Supply and used a syringe to give it to them orally. I bought the needles, but my husband and I were too "chicken" to stick them with the needle. But orally has worked great and I'm able to do it alone. Just wrap them in a towel and gently get them to open their beak and put a little in at a time until it's gone. Hope this might be of some help to you and good luck.

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