coughing and wheezing


Aug 3, 2016
Some of my chickens are starting to cough and make wheezing sounds when they breath, some are just listless and don't move around much. I was wondering what I might could give them to help. Thanks for any advice ....
They are three and a half months old. I started them on an antibiotic, Terra-Vet 10, yesterday. I've also mixed a chicken-type Gatorade and given that to them for the horrible, horrible AL hot, humid weather. One did have a clear-type thick salavi coming from its mouth. I've lost two chickens so far and trying everything I can to keep the others healthy. I've separated the sick from the healthy ones. I'm just trying to do all I can to keep them alive.
I'm sorry for your loss.

Separating them was a good idea. Try to provide them with cold water several times a day. Electrolytes everyday may be too much salt intake, you may want to provide it every other day or so. Offer wet feed with some extra protein like egg, mackerel or meat. If they have any gunk (pus) in their eyes you will want to flush that out with some saline.

If they don't respond to the Terra-Vet10 in a couple of days you may want to switch to Tylan 50 injectable, given orally, or seek a vet's help. Tylan 50 dosage is 1 cc or ml per 5 pounds of weight, or 1/2 cc for bantams. Give it orally or as an injection into the breast muscle 1/4 inch deep.

Since you have lost 2, if you have another one pass, you may want to send it for necropsy, this will give you information on what type of illness you are dealing with. Most respiratory illnesses are contagious and makes affected and exposed birds carriers for life, even if they are showing no symptoms, viruses can be shed in the poop, dust and dander.

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