Coughing gosling


Dec 28, 2019
Hello all!
I have a weird situation here. We had a terrible hailstorm thr other day and my neighbors went outside after the storm and discovered a gosling. It just ran up to them-so naturally they brought it to me thinking it was mine. I think they had it for 2 days.
Here is the issue. It has a slight cough, like one little cough every so often. It's poop was seeming fine. Now it's uber watery but the cough doesn't seem any worse.. I have the gosling quarantined in a room with no other birds. We do put a diaper on it and let it walk around with us for a bit because I feel bad it's alone (we sanitize after)..

Any ideas anyone?

I'm worried about like bird flu. Does it need some medicine? This is a little different than I'm used to. I am only used to chicken issues thus far. We have far less waterfowl-let alone goslings. That were found outside..

Has the gosling a water container deep enough it can dip his head into? that is very important they clean their eyes and nares out especially when eating. As for the cough maybe an antibiotic? here is a list of safe meds and if you don't know fish antibiotics will work on our birds.
You could add some ACV raw into her drinking container 1 Tab to a gallon of water. And if you can get a video of the cough that may help.
Nutritional yeast for leg strength if feeding feed for chickens 1 Tab to each cup of feed.

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