Coughing/sneezing and runny nose?

UK Chicken rancher

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10 Years
May 20, 2009
Lewiston, Idaho
About a week ago one hen began to cough or sneeze and occassionally have a runny nose, looks a little under the weather but seems to be eating, drinking, and free ranging fine. Today seems a few more are starting to cough, could it be a cold or pneumonia? It has been getting cooler here and I have been feeding them some dusty scratch grain. Thier coop also got pretty dirty before I resently cleaned it. I had a drastic drop in egg production a few weeks ago but figured it was that time of year for molting and less light. I put some electrolites in the water tonight and probably will look into meds tomorrow. Any ideas??????? I've had chickens for awhile but thankfully no problems like this so far......

Clay Valley Farmer

9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Look up CRD, It's a chatch all for the so called "colds" chickens get. Trouble is many of these colds end up being chronic and flare up when birds get stressed also even if the clear up they can pass the bug onto uninfected birds.

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