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    So I hatched twice this year, recently. Bad hatches too because the process isn't exactly like riding a bike when you get back into it. Too many variables!

    First hatch, appeared to be 2 boys and a girl. Second hatch appeared to be 3 girls, but one passed due to complications, just something not right with it from the start. First time I ever lost a chick that I helped out of the egg... always wondered why people said leave them be. Well, for that case.

    As I've been watching them grow though, only one has sprouted a boy comb. Man, it's a lot bigger than the others! And it's on my "not sure leaning towards boy" chick. The one I thought for sure was a boy, having the biggest comb at hatch, hasn't changed at all and is looking more female by the day.

    Could it be? After bad hatches, I still ended up with 4 girls and 1 boy? From the past I knew it was very likely to have a poor hatch, and end up with all boys on top of it.

    That is supposing that my sexing skills have not died with my former hatching skills. LOL

    But if this is the case, I'm quite pleased with my screw ups. Not only do I not have to expand the coop (the case if they had all made it) but I won't have to find homes for everything I hatched either.
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