Could my chick have a brain disorder?


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Apr 5, 2010
I have a month old Japanese bantam chick, and im almost positive hes going to be a rooster, as hes like twice the size of the rest of the babies!

Well anyways, every once in awhile i will look in the cage and se him standing their bobbing his head side to side for a few moments then continues on with what hes doing. It doesn't seem to bother him a bit, I am just trying to figure out whats going on!

Anyone have any idea?

Its hard to say without pic or video but check out Wry neck and see if the symptoms match. If they do simple fix poly visol without iron(baby vitamins). If not maybe someone else will hop in and help.
I just looked up Wry neck, but it looks like they usually bend back and weird ways.. to me.. it looks like hes dancing.

He will stop, bob his head side to side for maybe three seconds and then keep on eating. So strange!
He's always the first to attack me when I pull out the dried meal worms!

They are over a month old but are soooo tiny! We just cant put them outside except for a few hours a day when its warm!
I have a chicken with an eyesight problem. I think she's astigmatic. She doesn't do what yours does, though; she stares. If she sees something that might be food, she'll stare at it a while, same with squirrels lol.
Sounds like the start of his rooster dance. He's creating his wooing methods. The first one cockerels learn is how to show the girls where to feed on the choicest treats. They practice their different calls and do a little dance to convince the girls to come see what wonderful treats he has for them.

Good luck.

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