Could Someone Explain NPIP?


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
South of KCMO
--National Poultry Identification Program, right?
--Is it voluntary?
--Will it give me the health certification for my birds to be entered into poultry shows?
--Will they have the ability to come anytime they want?

Please help me understand if this is good or bad for me?
always heard it as National poultry improvement plan. Im not sure though... dont know anything about them. no research. haven't had a chance to show yet. and i never get mine tested... as i dont ship my birds and i can tell when my birds are/aren't healthy. and... i dont think they have the ability to come anytime they want. (to your house i guess you mean..) as for shows. no one really has contact other then you with your chickens.. except judges

Some of the small-scale farmers I've met declare that it stands for:

National Pain In the Pants.

Apparently it's got implications for shipping birds across state lines. I don't have any direct experience but hear it's working out favorably for large hatcheries and battery farms but is a barrier to entry or a deterrent to small-scale breeders and people who keep small heritage flocks.

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