Could the forum get more specific?

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    I was thinking that some (not all) of my issues have a lot to do with my environment. For instance I live in an urban area with rush hour traffic right in front of my house. My chickens really need to be restrained or they might decided to cross the street and that would be a big mistake.

    Some else on the forum might have questions about big flocks of 25 or more in a rural area. Those in the urban area really can not relate to some of the isssues they might have.

    If there was one thread just for 2-20 birds in urban settings and 20 -50 in the burbs and 50-up for rural.

    You know what I mean >>>> having 4 hens on an apartment roof top is so different than 100 birds on a farm in in Alabama.

    Most topics like sick chicks could stay the same.
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    All of that comes under Managing your Flock - it really can't be more specific, too many subforums just gets too difficult to manage. We have people posting here with 1,000 square feet of yard to many, many acres of property, even those on huge farms sometimes need to keep their birds confined due to predation. There's a little something for everyone here on BYC.
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    Feb 26, 2009
    Near San Fran Ca
    I was just thinking that if we had room for topics that have little or nothing to do with chickens or sometimes even animals then maybe we could be specific in more areas that actually do have to do with chickens.

    That way each person will at least get thier topics seen by someone with info rather than lost in the jumble of topics about things that have nothing to do with chickens or even animals.

    For instance instead of random ramblings it could be managing large flocks or a teaching chilldren about chickens or a childrens site maybe one for FFA and 4H one for organic

    Of course keep the ones that are already here like breeding and diseases and even pictures of my chickens
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    Quote:Hi and thanks for the feedback! [​IMG]

    We have 11 separate sections related to chickens.
    An entire section devoted to breeds
    A social section
    A section for waterfowl, non chicken landfowl, livestock and other pets and recipes,
    And finally a Buy Sell trade section.

    So you see the major area is just for chickens.

    Random ramblings is in the social section so our members have a place for off topic discussion.

    We work hard at making this entire site family friendly. The entire site is all age appropriate, at least that is our goal.
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    Feb 26, 2009
    Near San Fran Ca

    Please don't think I don't like the site. It is good, too good, I am soooo tootally addicted. You all are doing a great job. I have learned a bunch and refer this site to everyone even vaguely interested in chickens.
    I had just noticed that sometimes threads that I look at like games and jokes and ramblings start to push the topics of people wanting/needing impotant information about chickens off the recent posts lists. I guess that is really what I mean to say. I hate to see some chicken topics get lost in the crowd of other topics.
    I know I can go to the "managing you flock" thread but I like to just look for the most recent topics.
    I usually (in my addiction) go to new members topics to welcome the newbies. I think that it was requested that members try not to let topics go unanswered especially the emergency topics.

    I was just concerned that posts might get lost in the crowd. Yes this is a great place to be for families too.

    These were just thoughts I had.
    I really am justifying my addiction. LOL [​IMG]

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