could the USPS be ex-raying my eggs?

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    Out of something like 7 dozen eggs set in 4 different hatches I have not had ONE hatch!! NOT ONE [​IMG] Yes from time to time I have had some problems with temp and humidity, but from what I have read on here it should not have been enough to damage all eggs that are set. Many times when I first candle at day 7-10 over half of the eggs are duds. There will be nothing, or a dot and no veins, or bloodrings. I will usually leave the ones with the dot only to find out at day 17 nothing has changed. Each dozen eggs has been purchased from different people, so I am not getting the same batch from the same person each time. [​IMG]

    So, my question is; does anyone know how to find out which USPS have x-ray machine and routinely x-ray everything? I haven't checked the website yet to see if they tell, but I am guessing they don't. I am sure that if you mark "Please do not x-ray" the first thing they are gonna do is x-ray, since that will just be suspicious. Did you ever think terrorist activity would affect hatching eggs!![​IMG]

    I have hatched local eggs, that I found lying around at a barn, and had a 100% hatch. So I know I can do this, at least I think I can! I would love to be able to blame the x-ray machine and not have to take full blame for this. Some eggs I know are damaged from travel, but when air cells look good and eggs arrive in what looks like good condition you would think I could at least get ONE egg to hatch!

    So any ideas about finding info on the USPS stations that x-ray?
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    May 6, 2011
    I was looking into buying eggs from some online site as well so i called usps and asked them the same question. They said they do not routinely x-ray any packages unless they feel suspicious (leaking fluids, noises, etc.) So i guess the question is, are eggs suspicious? It depends on the person in charge of x-raying that day. However, i do not believe your problem is x-raying. For you not to have any hatch i think it would be the combination of many things. Depending where you live and the time you had the eggs shipped, your eggs could have been exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, and jostling of the boxes they were in. Both of which would significantly lower the probability of hatching. When i ordered fertilized eggs through the mail the first time, none of them hatched. When i ordered another dozen, i had them sit for 24 hours after they arrived with the larger side up. After i did this my hatching percentage jumped to 75%. You just cant determine how hard usps or the weather conditions affected the eggs. But to answer your question again, no they do not routinely x-ray packages.
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    Is it a known fact that an x-ray will destroy the eggs? I couldnt imagine a quick scan doing that. But then again, I'm new to this and don't know.
    But i've got this mental image of the bomb sqad coming in for a suspicious package and blowing up a couple dozen of eggs and the mess it would leave! I think I would have a real hard time keeping my composure.LOL
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    Aug 20, 2010
    I am retired from the USPS and worked at the main mail sorting facility here in Houston for a few years. No, they do not x-ray packages. And any suspicious packages are immediately isolated, people are withdrawn from the area, and the Inspection Service is called. Suspicious packages are treated VERY seriously and no, there is no x-ray machine in the post office. If one gets an x-ray, it's done at the DEA or FBI offices.

    They are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, though, as a previous poster mentioned. They get put in the back of an 18-wheeler and trucked around; you can imagine how hot they must get right now in some places with outdoor temps in the 90's. I have ordered eggs through the mail 3 times this spring and after letting them sit overnight on the counter, big side up, my hatch rates for all 3 average around 50%. And this is with most of the air sacs being loose. They must really bounce them around for all those air sacs to be like that but I use the carton method in my incubator and still get at least half to hatch.
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    May 15, 2010
    Try Fed Ex the next time...if you get a better hatch rate, it would be the USPS messin' up yer can use UPS, as the UPS is a subcontractor of the USPS & uses their air routes & facilities...
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    So much for getting to blame x-raying for my poor hatch rate. [​IMG] They were all mailed earlier this year, so they may have been too cold and too hot [​IMG] I do let them set for the 24 hours in the up-right position before setting them in the incubator. They came from OK, KS, TX, and OH, so they traveled quite a ways.

    I am going to have to change some things for incubating. I have received advise from a few different people, but incubating eggs here in the desert requires some adjustments. I have posted an ad on Craigslist to see if I can find some local eggs to hatch, see if I don't get a different hatch rate.

    Thank you for the info about the USPS. It is nice to hear from people that have experience or first hand info... Thanks guys
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    Aug 23, 2010
    I would have to say it is the temperature problems if there were any. Are you in Farmington, Maine? We've had a pretty rough start to the year if you are. When I order eggs I try getting some from states close by, my latest shipment is from CT and i'm getting 30 eggs, so i hope i get a good hatch since the shipment isn't that far
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    Jul 26, 2009
    I wonder how travelling in the unpressurized and unheated cargo hold of a plane at 30,000 feet or higher affects hatching eggs? I believe that is how air freight is shipped, in unheated/unpressurized holds under the main body of the plane. Is that right, and what would it do to the egg?
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    I'm in Farmington, NM.... way off over here in the desert!!
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    Aug 23, 2010
    Wish I was still in the dessert [​IMG] used to live in Arizona. Miss the heat, thats for sure. But I like it here in Maine.

    I hope you figure out whats going on with those eggs!

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