Could these be full size silkies???

I can’t see all the pics, it keeps taking me off site and asking me to download an app.

drop box is picture site but understand My Daughter lives in another state now posts the grandkids pictures there whoever has there birds they have body feathers like silky the rest is regular chicken
Did she get them from TSC? If so, the hatchery they use has bred the “fuzzy feet” out of them. Quantity over quality type of deal. They’re still silkies but you can’t show them.
I will repost my pics when I can figure out how to. They do have feathered legs....hard to see, I know. I tried drop box as a last resort to post pics.
I can't really see them up close, but the question of where she got them from would help. If it was from a feed store then yes these are standard (common) white silkies. They can get a little big.

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