Could these be full size silkies???

Both roosters are larger than my adult Marens (hard to tell size in the video). One has a comb and looks less like a silkie, while the other has the head 'crest?' and walnut comb; though very dark red in color. The hens are about the size of my ameraucanas. They are definitely huge compared to my bantam frizzle. The person I got them from was unsure.....was just getting out of keeping chickens, I believe. Their estimated age is 4-5 months. We had read that silkies in the US are almost all bantams. We also read that they were originally full size in Europe. Could we have the full size European type white silkies?
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From what I see they do appear to be large fowl silkies but it's always hard to tell from images and videos unless you have another breed next to them to compare.

Also, which country do you live in?

In the US, I believe all Silkies come under being bantams regardless of size.

However, in the UK we go by the European standard and there is 3 different sizes. Them being Large Fowl, Bantam and Miniature.

Over here, large Fowl are around the same size as large Fowl light Sussex, they get huge! Let's just say you'd struggle to hold the male large Fowl silkies without both hands/arms.

Bantams are around half that size and miniatures are about the size of a 3 month old bantam. They stay that small for life.

Your silkies could very well be in between on size. Some silkies don't really fall into any category. Sometimes this happens if a bantam is bred to a large Fowl.

What are your plans for them? Pets or do you plan to show them?

If showing/breeding, I wouldn't use the cockerel with the single comb. That's not correct for the breed so that's either down to bad breeding or he has parents that were crossed a few generations back. It would potentially pass onto his offspring and you wouldn't want that.

Males are always noticeably bigger in silkies compared to the females.
More pics when I can. I took a pic of a pic, so not so good. My files will only load from my camera, so I will take new pics later. This is my first thread and I am a slow learner, I guess. And, I am old, so please accept my apologies.

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