Could they breed?


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
I have two call ducks, one of them thought to be a male (though they're still a bit too young to tell). I've placed an order at Metzer's for two Golden 300 Hybrids, one Welsh Harlequin, a Cayuga, and a Fawn and White Runner, all girls. If one or both calls end up being male, would they be big enough to mate with the others? They're not exactly show quality, but they definitely aren't huge, either.
Well?....... Do you have a pic? We will be able to get a idea of the size
Here's one a took a while back of the one I believe to be a male - I haven't got a picture of 'him' standing, but I'd say he's about 6" high at the back, give or take a bit.

My bantam roo covered my hens so I guess a call might be able to do it... would you hatch them?

I mean a duck's reproduction is different then a chicken's but little critters try to get bigger ones of their species all the time.

Will you keep us posted?

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I would attempt to hatch a few, yes.

I will, though it'll be a while before the females grow to maturity.

Of course!
<---- these are mine i only have 5

Really, I have no idea what genes he might have on the inside, because the pen he was kept in before I got him contained a Magpie drake, a Blue Fawn hen and a White hen, and I wasn't even sure if those were pure. It'll be interesting to see what ducklings he would make.
The only one I think he "might have a prob breeding with is a cayuga maybe, but other wise I would say he would be perfect! Now that I think of it he probiblly wont
good luck I guess lol.
Where there is a will - there is a way. If one is a drake he will persist if given the chance until he finds a way. The runners may be the biggest hurdle for him, with their speed and long legs, they could keep a male call very busy indeed.
That's a lovely little Call. Doesn't look male to me, though.

Yes, a Call will breed larger ducks. I wouldn't allow a larger drake to breed a Call duck, but if the drake is the small one, it won't cause any problems.

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