Could this be a rooster?


May 25, 2016
I thought isa browns were hens and the white ones roosters but this one's starting to look more like a rooster every day my other 3 don't have waddles or combs that big. Best pic I could get
It's possible. How old are they? Sometimes a hen will develop faster in that manner, I've had a few in the past that were larger and had larger red combs, but still ended up being hens. The best thing to do is watch how he/she progresses, but ultimately until it either crows or lays an egg, it's hard to tell.
If the comb and wattles have only just recently begun to turn red, these are indeed pullets. Cockerels' combs and wattles are already turning red by age six weeks.
OK thanks it must be way ahead of the rest just thought it was odd his are so red and the rest aren't yet.

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