Could this be vent gleet? Any way to reverse diarrhea that is killing my hen :(


Jul 8, 2020
My chicken has bad diarrhea. Super weak and very very thin. I think that’s the diarrhea is cause of her weakness and weight loss which is likely from the antibiotics she had for a cough. I really want to try to save her. what can I go give her aside from electrolytes and pro biotics and nutridrench? I know my mom gives her dog flagyl/metronidazole for diarrhea. Is that a thing for chickens? I know they can have similar medications (monistat for example even orally? for vent gleet or sour crop.). I really don’t want to lose this chicken.
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Arjun Masthi

Jan 4, 2021
Medicines depends on the colour of the poop- Alsoeach kind indicates a different condition. Since she'll be weak, some feed and water should be force fed till the crop is full atleast a few times. Try adding some oral rehydration salts along with it. Probiotics help too, but I'd give that after the course of antibiotics, if at all.
Keeping her warm and dry helps!

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