Could use some nutritional help here!!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Bec, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Sounds like a type of scratch to me. [​IMG]
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    that is a pretty good price. I got food like that for my birds and they really like it. that is only .12 cents a lb. Bagged food for scratch is around 18-20 cents a lb and chick starter is around 26-30 cents a lb.
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    Those are the ingredients for scratch as was said by the other two answers. As a price goes it's a good price for Colorado provided it's fairly fresh grains, not left over from last year or something. Also, barley is not a favorite grain of many chickens. They will eat wheat and corn before the barley so you may have one-third of it go to waste. How finely ground is it? Is it cracked grains or ground to meal?

    Also, do you have enough birds that they will eat it in a timely manner? I make a homemade scratch out of oats, wheat, BOSS and corn (only in the winter) from 50# bags and with six birds and a neighbor with six who shares it, it lasts six months.

    If you get the food, remember that it's not a nutritionally complete feed for your chickens. They need protein and other nutrients not provided by the grain, especially in the winter when there's not much forage. I hope it works for you if you get it.


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    Contact him and find out what % protien it will be wheat is 12.5 barly 12.3 and corn is 9, so if that is all that is being ground together you will need something to boost the protien. Also remember that if you feed this instead of layer you will need to ensure they have oyster shell available.
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    Like Fiberart 57 said. Treats only, not a primary feed. Great price for here. I give $10/ 50# bag for scratch grain here.[​IMG]

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