Could we get a section just about roosters?

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    Not every one has them, but I think everyone, at one time or another, has a question about them. Also, I think many people who have experience with roosters only have one roo at a time. So figuring out what's "normal", or "okay", or "what will happen if...?" isn't as easy as with hens, because you (personally) don't have as much/many with which to compare.

    Also, so much about roosters is SO different than hens; physiology, behaviors (especially!), needs, etc. What's good for the hen is not necessarily good for the roo!

    If we have a section just about roosters (behaviors, questions, etc...not for BST), it could save people a lot of time wading through the many, many hen questions that are in the "Chicken" section, to find info. about roosters.

    Just a thought...
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    The Staff discussed your idea, and we think that having a separate place about rooster information would be super-helpful! However, we're going to tweak things a bit and create a sticky thread at the top of the "Chicken Behaviors and Egg-laying" area.

    If you'd like to do a search of the forum and then come up with a list of threads you think would be the best references for BYCers about roosters, that would be awesome. Just copy and paste the URLs of the threads into a PM to any of the moderators, and we'll start the sticky thread "index."

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