Couldn't save my runner duck


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Oct 13, 2009
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This is just devastating. I have a mix flock of ducks that free range on my property, along with a jersey steer that's fattening up for the deep freezer. My husband was out there checking on all of our critters and something spoked our steer. He freaked!! He jumped and took of running but when he jumped, he got one of my runners!!!
He skinned it from the top of it's head down to it's shoulders. Sadly, the wound was also down to the bone from top to bottom. She was already starting to fade and left us with doing the humane thing. I was so ready to get rid of the steer but my husband played the voice of reason.....that and the steer plopped down in front of their house, moo'd and carried on for hours afterwards. He seemed just as upset about as I was over it!!!!
Poor Steer probably didn't mean to hurt the poor little duck. He spooked and in his fear caused the injury. Has the steer been raised with the ducks? If so he may have saw the duck as a sibling or parent and is in mourning.
He's been raised with everything we have. He even herds them back up towards the coop if he thinks they're getting to far away from it.
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