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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY I interviened. Actually I wasn't planning on helping, wanted to go the way nature intended. So since yesterday this egg has been cherping. Yesterday evening the humidity went up significantly so I assumed it pipped and I just couldn't see it. So I waited, expected to have a chick this morning. Nothing this morning no visible pip or zip and no more cherping...hmmm. So when I got home today (4ish) I figured I would have a chick. Nope nothing!! Then my DH says he OPENED THE BATOR!!!!!
I glared at him
Then he showed me the egg. It had a large hole in it, about the size of a nickel. Parts of the membrane were intacked but it was like leather. I could see the chicks head and I waited a few more hours....then I decided to help. I gently peeled the shell away from the membrane and mositen the membrane. After I went all the way around the chick broke the shell in half but it was stuck to it. Parts of the chick were already dry! I carefully peeled most of the shell I was doing this it poo'd. Yes I am positive it was poo and not yoke...straight from the chick butt
I didn't want to peel off the membrane because it was really "superglued" to its fluff.

So here it is...hope it survives. It's been cherping for about an hour and it getting up on its feet

Blue Maran baby

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awww poor guy...

I wonder if you'll have to do something about the humidity and temperature in the bator now that you know this guy had issues....

I bet he makes it...


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Feb 21, 2009
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Thank you for saveing the baby..
Seems everyone is anti helping but I think its mostly becuase people who are newer to chickens tend to panic hours and hours befor there is even a chance of a problem .. does that make sense.
I hope the baby is ok .. if it just has some stuff stuck to it it should be fine.


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I had that happen with a chick. I had humidity issues and had to help him out. He had a piece of membrane stuck to one wing until he started to feather. I'm sure your chick will be fine!


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Quote:Yes, that makes sense, and I think you're right. I also think that she was right about her intervention just in the nick of time. Hopefully she saved the chick. I'd suggest her taking a bull whip to her husband for opening the incubator, but Anne my see what I would write and get and use one on me for literally killing many more than just one chick last week by repeatedly opening the incubator the last two days. Ah, what the heck, go ahead and bull whip him; take pictures (maybe a movie).


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Try to get the humidity to 70 before hatch time if you're going the standard hatching route.

It's often reccomended to wait till day 22 or at least 24 hrs post pip, which ever is later, to help, so probably did the right thing since it's 24 hrs post. The problem comes into play when people see a pip, and crack the poor thing open blood veins and all a few hours later thinking it needs help when really it just needs time.

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