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Mar 14, 2009
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Well, today is either Day 19 or Day 20 (it was a Friday night when I slipped the eggs underneath my hen, so I have no idea how to decide which day it is for sure).

Night before last, I went out to check on Gussie and the eggs and we had another broken egg. This time, it was a feathery chick instead of goo. UGH! Anyway, we are down to 5 eggs. Last night I moved Gussie and the eggs into the private suite (a travel crate inside the chicken house). I opened it this morning when I let the girls out and then closed it back up after Gussie had gone out to take care of herself - I did have to put her back in it as when I noticed she was no longer in the run, I found her on the roost in the chicken house and one of my other hens had laid an imposter egg in the private suite!

I went and bought poultry starter mash today and a new feeder and a shallower waterer. I wonder if any of the remaining eggs will hatch.

Feeling a little nervous - this is our very first experience with eggs and chicks.

Of course, any and all advice is welcome and encouraged.


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May 13, 2010
Central Arkansas
If you know what time you put them under the hen then count 21 days from that first day and at that same time that night is when day 21 will begin. does that make sense??

So if you put them under at 7pm on the....say 1st then at 7pm on the 21st is when day 21 starts.


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