Counting incubation days...

I think I read that if you put them in before noon, you count it as day 1. If you put them in after noon then the next day would be day 1....can some of you experts confirm?

I generally have been putting mine in around 5 pm or so and count the following day as the first day.
I finally thought about it in hours. 1 day is 24hrs. 24hrs from when I set them would then be 1 day. After 504 hrs or 21 days they are due to hatch. So if I set them 10pm tonight they are due 10 pm on the 8th. However eggs rarely start hatching at exactly 21 days. They could start hatching from day 18-22 and still be just fine. Mine have been pretty accurate so far. Aside from a couple early pips last hatch they have pipped late on day 20 and started hatching day 21.

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