Counting my Peafowl before they hatch...

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by racuda, May 4, 2011.

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    Out of nine shipped eggs, it looks like seven are developing. [​IMG] Assuming three or four are male would that present a problem? Or are they like Guineas, where a 50/50 ratio is fine? They will be free ranged.
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    All peacocks would be okay I think...But I think it is once you add a peahen that is when things get wild...The general rule is there should be more peahens than peacocks, to keep the peacocks happy and from fighting for a limited amount of peahens. Also since you will free-range them one peacock could leave because there are not enough peahens for him and he will go in search of a mate. If you do have more peacocks than peahens, you can always buy more peahens though like say when the males get to be yearlings or so you could get some yearling peahens, ect as long as you pen the peahens for a little while so they get used to your yard. I am sure it depends though...

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