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    Jan 3, 2010
    My daughter participated in our local county fair poultry show today with her pen of three Buckeye pullets in the production pullet class. Our fair requires these birds be hatched in the 2011 calender year and we hatched these birds in late January. The good news is that she won her pullet class taking first place out of 36 pens of birds. Naturally, we were excited that this would give her the chance to compete for overall poultry show champion. When it came time for final placing, the judge commented that my daughter's birds were the best Buckeye pen he had seen this season but that since these were considered production birds, they were difficult to place in the top five versus the other "fancy" pens of birds in the show and she did not place in the final drive.

    Is it common that a so called production bird does not show well against a "fancy" pen? I spoke with the judge after the show and asked him if my daughter's Buckeyes had been "perfect" would they have placed better. He told us again that our daughter's birds were plenty good to place for the final drive but they were somewhat out of place against the "fancy" pens. She even placed lower than a pen of call ducks. Does anyone have any thoughts on this show?

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