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Apr 24, 2008
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I currently have a nice chain link dog run for my chicken. It's made up of 6ftx6ft panels. My current set up is set up against the garage (with the garage as one of the walls) and then it's 12ft by 6ft with 2 of the panels paying on top of the other fence panels to create a nice secure top to the run.

But I have one more panel left over (I was given this dog run for free!)

I was thinking about maybe using all the panels and making the run 18ft by 12ft. But then what would I put on the top? Could bird netting work on the top? Any ideas of tips would be great.

I only have 4 hens right now I plan on maybe adding 1 or 2 more some day. But I just like the idea of them having alot of room to roam around in the run. Thanks!

(If pictures would help, I can add some later today.)


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Jul 22, 2008
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Here's a (not great) picture on my runs. They are 6x30x6, made of chain-link fence. We have black, plastic, one-inch netting on top, and haven't had a problems for the three months the chickens have been using them.

You can just barely see them, but we have four saplings running across the top, evenly spaced to help hold up the netting. Of course, I keep bumping them with the top of my head anytime I go in.
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Flight top netting is best for keeping aerial predators out and poultry in. Check out cutler's supply..that's where we get ours.



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Jul 18, 2008
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I use the one inch chicken wire on the top. We just tie the panels together with wire pieces to make it secure to the top of the dog pen. We also have two pens set up against the barn with the doors so we can get in to clean.


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Jan 11, 2007
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I laid out 2x3 lumber on the top fastened with zip ties to the frame. Then I covered that with chicken wire & attached that to the run frame with wire. The wood, chicken wire, & zip ties have held up for 5+ years with no problems including snow in our Canadian winters. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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I have a tin roof. We used 1x6's on the outside the sides, the one end is a 2x8, and the fourth side is a 2x4. Then on the inside we used a 2x6 and then 2x4's for support and to created the slope we wanted for the rain and snow to slide off. I not only don't have to worry about predators but, it keeps the rain out-No More Muddy Run! I don't have to knock the rain off like I did with the canvas which at first was good and tight but, then stretched and sagged even with support beams and chicken wire under it. This winter I won't have to shovel the snow either! The run will be wrapped in clear plastic and with the tin roof they will be all set. The only snow they will have is what I put in there for them to play with!


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Aug 16, 2008
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Oh the bigger area you can give your chickens for a run the happier they'll be of course. As for the top I would use chicken wire and some type of wood or support underneath. I actually used welded cage wire 2"x3" and the overlapped it with chicken wire. I fastened the two together with wire ties. Good Luck!


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Jan 7, 2008
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My husband welded these conduit tubing frames to put on top of the kennels, then welded them to the kennels! I put foam at the ends to reduce tearing and cover the whole thing with overlapping tarps, across the front and sides, cutting out the door only. We are still working on them, we have four in progress, and I bought another kennel this weekend.
We actually use these for nests/coops/cover in storms, with shelter inside. The outer area, where my husband is working, is the real "run" an enclosed, electric wire, locked and gated pet area of about 1/2 an acre that they run around on during the day with their toys and stuff on it.
My husband is a novice welder but it wasnt that hard for's been a neat project.

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